Sunday, March 13, 2011

Brow Tutorial

So this is how I do my brows...Let me repeat...THIS IS HOW I DO MY BROWS!!!.  There are tons of ways to perfect your brows.  Feel free to post your way too.

Supplies: Strut Pencil, 2 Angled Brushes, Coastal Scents Brow Tones, Mascara Wand, NW35 Concealer

Brows Before...YES they look WACK! I am trying to let my brows grow back perfectly so I haven't gotten them groomed in a while.  

Take your clean, mascara wand and brush brows.  Then I take my Strut Pencil and trace my bottom lash and top lash.

After that, I fill in the space with my strut pencil.  It should look similar to this.
Then I take my concealer (I used a thicker concealer to make it a little cleaner until I get them groomed) and trace the top and bottom brow.
Most times I get a little closer to the brow but didn't do a real good job this time.  Anyway, get as close to the brow as you can without messing up your creation.  Smooth your concealer and take the mascara wand and brush out the harshness of the pencil and brow.  Finished product should look similar to this:

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