Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I've Been Wooed!!!

Shoewooed that is!!! Shoe woo is located in Union Station and is every shoe lover's dream.  From flats to stilletos, they have it.  Okay so, I initially went to shoe woo to purchase a lap top bag.  My mind was focused.  I knew what I wanted.  Well, needless to say, I didn't come out with a lap top bag...they were sold out.  However, I did find the most amazing shoes! Boutique 9's Glamy Pumps!  These shoes are so sexy and classy.  I can think of a number of places to wear these shoes.  When I tried them on, I thought that I was cinderella, it was such a perfect fit. 

For the most part, these heels are comfortable. If you are used to wearing heels daily, these won't be a problem. These lovelies were originally $160.00 and when I looked at the tag, they were $89.99.  However, when I got to the counter, they were $66.00...WHAT A STEAL!

Check out some of Boutique 9's Spring/Summer fashions.  I already see at least 3 pair that I want.  LOL

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