Friday, September 2, 2011

Birthday Makeup FOTD

Today is my goddaughter's 23rd birthday and this is the look that I created.  Of course she is already gorgeous but this golden, bronzy look took it over the top.  They could not get in her business HONEY!  LOL


  1. tia! you have to tell us what you used or your star products.... pretty please! pretty look.

  2. Yummy411 why sites it not surprise me that your the guest comment?
    Aywho...great look tia!

  3. You two are crazy! Isn't it wonderful to have a sister? @Yummy...used the regular products for the fix fluid and mineralize in deep dark. Some format blush on the cheeks...on the eyes...tan pigment with embark in the crease and arena under the brow and definitely....RUBY WOO on the lips!