Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I've Been Wooed!!!

Shoewooed that is!!! Shoe woo is located in Union Station and is every shoe lover's dream.  From flats to stilletos, they have it.  Okay so, I initially went to shoe woo to purchase a lap top bag.  My mind was focused.  I knew what I wanted.  Well, needless to say, I didn't come out with a lap top bag...they were sold out.  However, I did find the most amazing shoes! Boutique 9's Glamy Pumps!  These shoes are so sexy and classy.  I can think of a number of places to wear these shoes.  When I tried them on, I thought that I was cinderella, it was such a perfect fit. 

For the most part, these heels are comfortable. If you are used to wearing heels daily, these won't be a problem. These lovelies were originally $160.00 and when I looked at the tag, they were $89.99.  However, when I got to the counter, they were $66.00...WHAT A STEAL!

Check out some of Boutique 9's Spring/Summer fashions.  I already see at least 3 pair that I want.  LOL

Monday, March 21, 2011

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!!!

So I finally decided to dress up and what happens? IT RAINS AS SOON AS I GET OUTSIDE!  By the time I reached my car, I was soaked from head to toe.  What on earth does that mean?  Maybe it means that I need to dress up a little more...LOL

Anywho, I managed to take some pictures with a smile.  This is my rainy day FOTD.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Sprinkles!  That's it.  That's all that needs to be said.  They have come to the east coast and they are making a statement and a bold one at that.  I could not resist the temptation today.  Sprinkles opened about two weeks ago, and I have successfully drove by the shop at least 3 times...WELL NOT TODAY!  I fell and it was so worth it.  That red velvet cupcake and black and white cupcake was the best that I ever had.  I could not help to laugh as I drove further up M. Street and saw the long line outside of Georgetown Cupcakes.  They better keep it while it last because once people taste Sprinkles cupcakes...the line will dwindle.  Not only does Sprinkles has a bigger cupcake, it is more moist and every bite that you take is full of a rich goodness.  I will be dreaming of this cupcake because I definitely don't need to visit anytime soon. 

Monday, March 14, 2011


IN SPITE OF IT ALL...TODAY WAS STILL A GOOD DAY! Today was kind of hectic.  I had to cancel my dentist appointment because one of the ladies took off today and I had to be at the front desk the majority of the day despite the boat load of work that I had to do.  Needless to say, I left work feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.  On the drive home, I thought of all the things that went wrong and then a light bulb went off and I began to be thankful in spite of.  I was thankful that the sun was shining and the weather was beautiful. I began to be thankful for family and thankful that even though I was overwhelmed and frustrated with it, I was even thankful for my job.  So whatever is burdening you down, overwhelming you, or frustrating you...take time out to look at the brighter side of things. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Brow Tutorial

So this is how I do my brows...Let me repeat...THIS IS HOW I DO MY BROWS!!!.  There are tons of ways to perfect your brows.  Feel free to post your way too.

Supplies: Strut Pencil, 2 Angled Brushes, Coastal Scents Brow Tones, Mascara Wand, NW35 Concealer

Brows Before...YES they look WACK! I am trying to let my brows grow back perfectly so I haven't gotten them groomed in a while.  

Take your clean, mascara wand and brush brows.  Then I take my Strut Pencil and trace my bottom lash and top lash.

After that, I fill in the space with my strut pencil.  It should look similar to this.
Then I take my concealer (I used a thicker concealer to make it a little cleaner until I get them groomed) and trace the top and bottom brow.
Most times I get a little closer to the brow but didn't do a real good job this time.  Anyway, get as close to the brow as you can without messing up your creation.  Smooth your concealer and take the mascara wand and brush out the harshness of the pencil and brow.  Finished product should look similar to this:

A Springing Forward Tutorial

Okay Ladies,

I hope you all set your clocks forward because SPRING is near.  With Spring comes all sorts of newness and refreshing.  Here's a look to put with your collection for the upcoming season. 

MAC Strut Brow Pencil, Coastal Scents Brow Tones Palette, Fix Plus, NW35 Mac Studio Finish Concealer, NW25 Mac Select Coverup Concealer (lids), Swimming (lid), Humid (crease), Plummage (outer crease), Laura Mercier Golden Gilded Eyeshadow, Ben Nye Cake Liner, Zoomlash mascara

MAC Pro longwear Foundation, Medium Dark Mineralize Skinfinish, Ben Nye Banana Powder, Well Dressed Blush, Trace of Gold Blush (highlight)

Spice lip liner, Laura Mercier Golden Gilded eyeshadow, Please Me lipstick

Marsha Ambrosius' New CD

If you thought that the music of Floetry was soothing and relaxing...then wait until you hear Marsha Ambrosius' new CD.  It is so calming and relaxing and it made me fall in love with my man all over again.  The sounds on this CD are out of this world.  Each beat makes your mind race with thoughts and the songs deal with every day relationships. If you don't have this CD yet, you have to get it!!! This is definitely one for your collection.   Don't forget that amazon.com always has CD's cheaper so check their first.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray Review


I have fallen in love again!!! So what if I am engaged to be married.  I have fallen in love with a gorgeous European man by the name of Wayne Goss.  Not only is Wayne GORGEOUS!!! He is also a makeup artist that knows the tricks and the trades of makeup artistry.  I can't stop watching him.  Like, he is a walking makeup encyclopedia.  Watch Wayne do what he do!! If you like, go to youtube and subscribe.