Monday, July 30, 2012

Who Gon Check Me?

I recently went to a wedding of a co worker and since I was wearing a plain, black dress, I wanted my makeup to look fierce! I changed my lip color twice, but I LOVE the overall look!

I had the who gon check me boo attitude!

I can't remember all the products that I used but my blush is Super Orgasm by Nars! LOVE IT HUNTEE!


  1. Your makeup is flawless. I am digging the blue liner on the bottom. And the lipstick is sooo your shade! You look awesome!
    Great beauty shot!

    1. Thanks Moya2bean...I am just seeing this! I was feeling myself that day! I actually took the time to do my makeup and the liner is my staple. I LOVE COLORED LINERS!