Saturday, August 4, 2012

A'zia's Countdown...4 More Days!

IT REALLY HIT ME THIS MORNING and I haven't been able to stop crying! You would think she was moving half way across the world! Talk about not letting go! I am guilty! Today I'm going to dedicate the things that I will miss the most!

1. I love it when A'zia crawls into my bed and lays under me. It's not as often anymore because of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but hey, I will take what I can get!

2. Embarrassing her! She hates it and I get her every time! All she can say is, "Ma, that is inappropriate!" or "GROW UP!" My favorite thing to do is to beep the horn and wave at everyone while riding down the street!

3. I am going to miss her saying the morning prayer! However, I am sure that with all of this technology, we can be creative!

4. I am going to miss waking up and. hearing her music play! I love Sunday mornings when she has our favorite gospel tunes playing!

5. I am going to miss us hanging out! Going to the mall, going out to eat, chilling in the living room watching videos, or one of those crazy movies!

I'm going to miss you Zee!

Friday, August 3, 2012


I'm dedicating these next 5 days to my baby...A'zia! She will be leaving D.C. in 5 days to attend VSU! Wow, this is such a bittersweet moment! I mean even now I'm beginning to tear up! This has been my road dog, my confidante, and YES she is my best fiend! Zee I LOVE YOU GIRL! There aren't many young ladies like you anymore! Be proud in knowing that there is nothing wrong with being and staying pure until marriage! The strength that it takes to do that in this day and time is second to none. ALWAYS know that you are BEAUTIFUL...YOU ROCK! DARE TO BE DIFFERENT! That's what make you unique! SHOOT FOR THE STARS and stay up there!  Remember, THIS IS YOUR will be what you make of it!