Monday, May 7, 2012

Beauty of the Day - Ms. A'zia Moten

Hey LOVEBUGS!  Our Beauty of the Day makes my very heart beat!  She is my mini me...and she goes by the name of Zee!  With her prom 10 days away, beauty is all that she is focusing on.  After she graduates from high school, she plans on majoring in Mathematics!  Her favorite makeup products are M.A.C.'s lipsticks in Half-N-Half and Jubilee.  Psst...they are my favorites too!

Saturday, May 5, 2012


CREATIVE in all that she does...Ms. Kia Darby aka Yummy 411 is our Beauty of the Day!  By day, Kia is a government employee at night she is a beauty blogger and freelance makeup artist. Kia started her blog in 2006 (WOW...I didn't know that!) to share her love for cosmetics. She loves the wonderful experience of meeting people that share her passion for the makeup and beauty industry. Kia is available for makeup services! You can contact her at and check out her blog at

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

BEAUTY OF THE DAY - Camille Gabriele

HEY LOVEBUGS!  Beauty of the Day is back and we are back with a Beauty Go-Getter!  Our Beauty of the Day is Camille Gabriele! Camille is the owner of Camille Gabriele LLC and her favorite makeup product is #59 Imprevu Chanel Powder Blush and her favorite quote (gotta love this one)  "Let the beauty within supersede the beauty on the outside! Some of us have the game messed up don't we?  LOL  Check out Camille's site to see her fabulous designs at 

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