Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Eyebrow Tutorial... Quick and Easy!

As if you need another brow tutorial, but here it goes:

The products that I used:
Loreal's liquid gel liner in brown (LOVE THIS)
MAC's Studio Finish Concealer
MAC's 208 Brush
MAC's 212 Flat Liner Brush
Mascara Spoolie

Always begin your brows by brushing with a mascara Spoolie. Make sure that you put a concealer or a eyeshadow primer to the brow area so that your brows won't easily be rubbed off, especially if you shave your brows.

Next, you Want to take your gel liner and line the bottom of your brow following your natural brow line. Once you have completed the bottom, do the top the same way. Please note, that you need minimal product to achieve this. Trust me, a little goes a long way especially I. This situation.

Take the rest of the product on the brush and begin to fill in your brow. Again, there is no need to apply more product.

Once you have filled in your brow, take your mascara Spoolie and begin to brush your brow toward your nose.

Now it's time to clean your brows up! Take some concealer and trace the bottom of your brow along the natural brow line. Do the same for the top! Blend in both the top and the bottom concealer lines and take the rest of the concealer to blend in the beginning of your brows in hopes that they look more natural.

Here are some of my pictures from my quick and easy tutorial! Don't forget to post your quick and easy tutorials!

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