Monday, February 4, 2013


Playing in glitter is so messy, but so much fun! My husband is going to kill me when he sees specks of glitter here and there from the bathroom to the bedroom but oh well...what's a girl to do?

LA Color Palette in Eclipse
MAC Pigment in Rose
NYX Glitter in Apple
Loreal Gel Liner in Blackest Black
MAC Lashes 34
NYX Electric Blue Liner

MAC Studio Tech NC44
MAC medium deep mineralize
Gingerly Blush

Wet and Wild Lipstick 902C
MAC Sintillation Lip Gloss

Saturday, February 2, 2013

MAC's 217 vs. Coastal Scents 250 Brush

MAC's 217 brush is known for its blending perfection and its flawless finish. This brush fits easily in the crease and does the job over and over again. This brush can be found in brush belts all over the world.

So what can be better than MAC's 217? Coastal Scents 250! It's the exact same brush, but it's much cheaper. MAC's 217 costs 22.50 and Coastal Scents 250 costs 4.95..........WOOOOOOOOOW!

I purchased three of the Coastal Scents 350 brushes and I'm so glad I did.

Uncial next time LOVEBUGS....

Friday, February 1, 2013


Hey LOVEBUGS! Hope that you are bundled up in this cold, wintry mix day, especially if you are in the Washington, DC area. I wanted to use my new pink Wet and Wild lipstick so here is what I paired it with...

Loreal Espresso Gel liner for my brows
MAC NW 35 Concealer
LA Colors Eyeshadow for my crease color
ELF 100 Eyeshadow Palette for crease color
Urban Decay Eyeshadow for my lid color
(Sorry guys about the names...they are palettes)
MAC's Carbon for outer V
Loreal Blackest Black Gel Liner
ELF Natural Lashes

MAC Matchmaster 6.0 Foundation
MAC NW35 Concealer
Ben Nye Banana Powder
MAC Harmony Blush to contour
MAC Melba Blush and Ginger
Victoria Secret Highlight

Wet and Wild Matte Lipstick 901
Clear lipgloss